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"It´s our job to make sure everyone feels like one million dollars. " -Møt barbereren Jac Ludlow!

"I have been in the industry for over 14 years now and I’m only 28 years old"

I dag møter vi Jac Ludlow, et IKON innen barbererbransjen, både i UK og i Norge.
En meget dyktig barberer, og en utrolig sjarmerende og likanes kar.
Han har maaange bragder,faste kunder, og du kunne møte han på Norges Beste Skjegg 2019 eventet, der han var en av sponsorene, og hadde en fantastisk barbererstand. Han var også nylig på Nordic hair awards for å holde foredrag- Copenhagen Barber Battle.

Er du nysgjerrig på barbererbransjen? Her har du noen tips!

Smilende, sjarmerende og EKSTREMT dyktig.
Henda i været for Jac!

(Intervjuet foregår på engelsk)

Hello buddy! Tell the readers your name?

  -Jac Ludlow

  Where are you from? 

 -Im from the UK, South Wales

  How did your journey to Norway started? (How did you end up in Norway?) 

-I have a consultancy company called Jac Ludlow Education, I was contacted by a man who wanted to start a brand in Norway. I have been coming back and forth for 2 years and the more I saw the country the more I fell in love with it!

What is your profession and where?  

-I am barber/ hair consultant and I sit on the industry steering board for city and guilds.
I currently have salons in South Wales and Norway.
My salon is in Haakon VII’s gt in Oslo.

It is called Escape Barbershop .

Jac utenfor sin egen shop-Escape barbershop

How did you end up as a barber? (How did you get this interest?) 

 -My mother was a hairdresser and I was always obsessed with cutting hair as a kid.
I began cutting at the age of 14 and never turned back.

I was originally a hairdresser but my passion was in precision, this soon enough made me transition over to barbering full-time as I feel masculine shapes allow you to work with shorter lengths, therefore there is much more precision involved.

 Do you have a barber education? 

 -I have a barber education to the highest level.
I currently take part in the question writing for the biggest governing body in the world (city and guilds). Our goals is to raise the standards of the industry world wide!

  You have an extremely good reputation as a barber, why is that? 

Jac utøver magi på Norges Beste Skjegg-Skjegg&Barberermesse i Oslo.

 -Im very flattered and humbled that you say that.

I guess I have relentless work ethnic and I take huge calculated risks. I take pride in my work and I like to see barbers and the industry grow.

The hair industry never stop exciting me regardless of where I am in the world. I have also developed my own education system which I believe to be extremely effective.

 As I stated above I have been in the industry for over 14 years now and I’m only 28 years old!
I would say I’m working harder now than ever. This industry is amazing because it keeps you hungry!
The second you take you foot off the gas or get complacent you get left behind.
I think everything should be accounted, customer service is just as important as quality cutting.
"It´s our job to make sure everyone feels like 1 million dollars. "

I recently developed a programme called Elev8 Str8.

In this program we speak of a strategy called the ESBE circle.
This is blueprint of how you can work from Education Sales Business to Expansion, the magnitude that can be reached in an industry that Jeff Basos (owner of amazon) can not take away, is colossal!

Check out the programme at

  How do you want your barbershop-Escape barbershop to appear for people/customers? 

 -The reason I choose my salon was the WOW factor I felt when I first saw it!
My personal opinion (just keeping it real) is that the salon blows you away before you even look inside.
The architecture externally is incredible, and then you walk inside-I personally love Italian furniture and the interior inside are made from maletti and the chairs are zerbinin.

 The slogan of our barbershop sum us up perfectly, it read Escape the ordinary, Experience the Extra ordinary.

Our salon is not just about beard or hair, its the full image! 
We specialize in ALL aspects of male grooming. 
-Jac Ludlow

You did a remarkable appearance in the «Norways Best Beard» event in 2018 (and now 2019, October 5th). 

 You have some INSANE skills as a barber, both with your hands and with your head/mind . 
 And this year 2019, you were one of the main sponsors for the event together with the amazing product 1922 J.M by Keune. (We all appreciate that) 

KEUNE hår og skjeggprodukter Fra Norges Beste Skjegg-Skjegg&Barberermesse i Oslo.

  Do you think Norway is at an early stage in the beard and barbershop culture?

-Again bro thanks so much I’m extremely humbles by your compliments.
 I appreciate the opportunity of being a sponsor for such great event!

I choose to sponsor it not only because its amazing advertisement as your platform is huge and quality, but last year you guys gave me such great welcome and I’m looking forward to seeing yourself and the other friends I have made.

I think Norway is definitely in the early stage, although they are so many talented barbers here already which we can all learn from.

I think it´s such early days ,and its only going to grow more and more!

Bilde av barberstanden til Jac´s Escape Barbershop på Norges Beste Skjegg-Skjegg&Barberermesse i Oslo.

Jac og Escape barbershop på Norges Beste Skjegg-Skjegg&Barberermesse i Oslo.

Is this the end or the beginning? Are the barbershops here to stay? 

 -Its definitely the beginning for barbershops, the only thing that confuses me is that people think barbershop is only about the beard!

Dont get me wrong the beards are amazing but we also cater for hair to :) (And the barbers are VERY good at it-Redanm.)

How can a man/woman become a barber in Norway?
Do you have some good tips on their travel to the barber life? 

 -I think the best way to become a barber is the way I learnt.
Volunteer at a barbershop and gain as much experience as you can!
I have worked in many salons free of charge just to gain experience, that being said I’m currently in the process of getting the green light in place to start a barber school in association with city and guilds so stay tuned!!

 What is your favourite beard to cut? And what beard do you think is a perfect beard?

 -Me personally , I like long beard. However I like to include some precision and some nice hard lines to compliment the refining process.

  What is your top three Instagram bearded people? 

 No.1 @Mortys_way 
 No.2 @Narmomma 
 NO.3 @eternalddamien 

Do you have any good styling tips for our readers?

-I think just keep applying the products to maintain the health of your beard and hair, and if you shaping regrowth, be very sure that you dont take the hair line further back than your barber already has. 
Fra Jac Ludlows Instagram @jac_ludlow. Golden VIP tickets system.
Besøk Escape barbershop i Oslo(bli kunde) for mer info!

Thank you so much Jac! 
 We really enjoyed your appearance at Norways best beard 2019! I know people loved to meet THE man behind the Escape Barbershop!

- Thanks alot buddy really appreciate your support, looking forward to buying you a beer 

Jac Ludlow 
(International Educator and Salon Owner)

Fra Jac Ludlows Instagram @jac_ludlow. Golden VIP tickets system.
Besøk Escape barbershop for mer info!

Vel, det var alt jeg hadde å si om skjegg i dag. 
Lurer du på noe, ikke nøl med å sende meg en melding.

Vil du at jeg skal skrive innlegg om deg, ditt firma eller produkt? 

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